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You’ve joined Slimming world. We have created a page to give you recipe ideas. Check out the SYN free nacho’s!’Take me there!‘,

Favourite Recipe of the Moment

Our favourite recipe of the moment is our home made pot noodles, something different for lunch!!

Some of our recipes

Kidney bean burgersThese kidney bean burgers are an alternative to a meat burger.  These kidney bean burgers are a healthy option that is not only simple to make but are also very cheap to make.
How to cook basmati rice – perfect basmati rice every time!This is a fool proof way on how to cook basmati rice. This is the perfect basmati rice method. It’s light and fuffy and does not stick together.
Rogan josh curry & pasteTypically made with lamb but you can substute with chicken or beef. You can make this as a paste to use later or use straight away as a great curry.
Home Made Pot NoodlesNeed to take something different to work for lunch?

Even want something different at home for lunch?

This is a simple take on the store bought pot noodle but with fresh ingre…

Lemon drizzle cakeIdeal for high tea, picnics and just cause you love cakes!

Very simple to make.

Chips / Fry’s – Home made – SYN FREEYou like Chips. Why not make your own simple to do and taste they taste better the the types you can by in the freezer isle of the local supper market.
Merguez Spice mix – use with chips, crisps or nachosThis is a spice mix that is based on the flavours of the North African sausage.
Chilli minced beef noodles – Can be SYN FREE!If like me, you like spicy food then this is a great easy to cook dinner.
Nachos / Chips – Slimming World SYN free!Its Friday night, and you watching a film curled up on the couch. You reach for the Nacho’s, Crisps or chips and then your slimming world voice tells you to STOP.
Jalfrezi PasteIf you like curries then you will love this paste. Nice and hot and one of my favorites.
Guaranteed to rise Yorkshire Puddings Ever dreamed of big Yorkshire puddings but yours always look deflated well try this recipe.
Chicken Fajita SeasoningSimple to make and I promise you will never buy the shop packets of Fajita mix ever again.
Roasted vegetable soup with a chilli biteEasy to make roasted vegetable soup. You can add any other veg that you have in the fridge that may be on the turn.
Deep Fried BrieThis is a real treat dish, and one of my fav’s and this is very easy to prepare.
Simple Chocolate Muffins – that you can make with the KidsNice and easy muffins that you can make with the kids on a wet day!

Serves: 12
prepTime: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes

Chilli JamOur chilli jam is ideal partner for cheese. You can even use this chilli jam in your sandwiches. You can even serve our chilli jam with our deep fried brie.
bruschetta with tomatoesGreat starter and very simple to do and can pack loads of flavour. Can be prepared in advance.
Marinade for mexican style pork chopsThis marinade has a Mexican style to it. The pork chops are nicely transform but you still keep the flavour of the pork coming through.
Perfect fluffy crispy roast potatoesFluffy and Crispy roast potatoes……
Chilli con carne – My wayEvery one makes their chilli differently so here’s mine!

Note – Serve with rice or plain nacho’s with melted cheese on top.

Dips – sweet chilli sauce mixed into Creme fresh.

Radish ButterCook Time: 20 minutes
Makes: 3 half pint jar

What you will need:

16 radishes
1 1/2 c. salted butter, at room temperature
1 tbs. chopped fresh marjoram
1 tbs.

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